1.              Call to order

A.              The Trustees of the Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) met in the Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road, on the above-stated date. Chairman McMillan called the meeting to order at 6:43 p.m.


2.              Roll/Quorum

A.              The following trustees were present: Chairman McMillan, Vice Chair Petrucci, Treasurer Kocher, and Trustees McCallister, Worley, Tyrie, and Newton - a quorum of seven.  Trustees absent: no trustees were absent.  Staff present: District Attorney Wayne Flowers, District Accountant Tom Hallquest, District Engineer Mike Bueme, and Secretary Melody Pickens.


3.              Administrative Announcement:

A.              Chairman McMillan gave the Administrative announcements.


Collection of Signatures by Elizabeth Katz, Ameris Bank


Ms. Katz collected signatures from Chairman McMillan, Treasurer Kocher, and Vice Chair Petrucci.  Secretary Pickens provided her a signed copy of the January 7 approved minutes, which designated these signatories.


4.              Approval of Minutes

A.              A motion was made to approve the January 7, 2019 board meeting minutes by Trustee Worley and seconded by Vice Chair Petrucci.  Carried 7-0.


5.              Treasurer’s Report

A.              Treasurer Kocher presented the Treasurers Report.  Vice Chair Petrucci moved to approve the February 4, 2019 Treasurer’s Report, seconded by Trustee Tyrie.  Carried 7-0.  Trustee Petrucci said that the final loan payment for $132,000.00 would be made in June.  Treasurer Kocher noted that by prepaying the last loan payment of $134,987, the board could save about $500.00.  Vice Chair Petrucci made a motion to authorize Treasurer Kocher to prepay the last loan payment.  Seconded by Trustee Newton.  Carried 7-0.   Treasurer Kocher also told the board that Ameris Bank would be happy to give the board loans at good rates.


6.              Approval of Checks

A.              Trustee Tyrie made a motion to approve checks 3426-3430.  Seconded by Vice Chair Petrucci.  Carried 7-0. 


7.              Staff Reports

A.                District Engineer

1.              Mr. Bueme thanked Chair McMillan for taking him around the lake and identifying trouble spots.  He will analyze what he saw and bring a report to the board at the next meeting.  He noted several serious problems.  He is also concerned about property damage and safety issues.  He recommended forming a group of concerned property owners to attend Clay County Board of County Commissioners (CCBCC) meetings, thinking a grassroots effort might help.  He said that there are a couple of millions of dollars in infrastructure projects that need to happen.  Property owner Kay Manly, 420 Wesley Road, asked Mr. Bueme for talking points to bring to CCBCC meetings.  Mr. Bueme will also prepare a separate dam report.


B.                Attorney Wayne Flowers

1.              Election Update.

a)             Mr. Flowers presented Resolution 19-01 for approval – A RESOLUTION OF THE LAKE ASBURY MUNICIPAL BENEFIT DISTRICT, CLAY COUNTY, FLORIDA, CALLING A SPECIAL ELECTION FOR THE PURPOSE OF ELECTING MEMBERS OF THE BOARD OF DISTRICT TRUSTEES FOR CERTAIN SEATS ON THE BOARD; PROVIDING AN EFFECTIVE DATE.  Mr. Flowers said the special election would cost about $2,000.00.  When you go to the elections office to qualify, you can either pay $25.00 or bring a petition with at least 25 signatures.  You can call the office to ask who has already qualified.  You can also check to see who qualified at the end of the qualification period.  Chair McMillan made a motion to approve the Resolution 19-01.  Seconded by Treasurer Kocher.  Carried 7-0.  Property owner John Bentley, 1005 Arthur Moore, asked whether he could apply for a position because even though he owns property in the district, he doesn’t yet reside in the district.  Mr. Flowers thought he could, but would check and get back to him.

2.              Sunshine Law.

a)             Mr. Flowers provided a handout and gave a presentation about the Sunshine Law.  Secretary Pickens asked about whether special meetings required a quorum.  Mr. Flowers said that they didn’t, but they needed to be advertised, minutes made, and no business could be conducted.

3.              Insurance Guidelines.

a)             Mr. Flowers worked with Trustee Tyrie to go over existing guidelines.  They agreed that the existing guidelines are good.  Trustee Tyrie said that they could be adjusted depending upon the scope of work for a particular project.  Chair McMillan reminded the group that the board prior to releasing requests for bids/qualifications must approve any changes.  Treasurer Kocher made a motion to approve the existing guidelines with the addition of the insurance requirements matrix provided by our insurers.  Seconded by Vice Chair Petrucci.  Carried 7-0.


C.                Secretary Melody Pickens

1.              Website Update.

a)             Secretary Pickens told the board that they will soon be getting official email addresses linked to the new website. 

2.              Not on the agenda:  Secretary Pickens announced that she is resigning and that her last meeting will be March 4th, at which time she will turn over all of her material.  She will prepare for the next meeting as usual and will work to help the Webmaster populate the new website until that time.  She urged the board to advertise the fact that this is a paid position.  Mr. Flowers suggested that the position be advertised on the website.  He would prepare that information.  He also suggested that the job have a position description.


D.                Accountant Tom Halquest.  Mr. Hallquest had nothing to report for this meeting.


8.              Trustee Reports

A.                Chairman

1.              Update – Assignment of board member duties.  Chairman McMillan noted that he is the POC with Bueme Engineering, Vice Chair Petrucci is his back-up, Trustee Tyrie handles insurance issues, and Treasurer Kocher is the Treasurer, the POC for the website, and the POC for public records.  He didn’t have any other tasks to assign.

2.              Update – Assignment of board signatories.  Completed at the beginning of the meeting.

3.              Not on agenda:  Chair McMillan told the board about the tour of the lake he gave Mr. Bueme and Mr. Bueme’s son.  He also remembered how he gave the same tour to Commissioner Hendry, Dale Smith, and Stephanie Kopelousos years ago.  He wants to talk to Mr. Hendry with Mr. Bueme before going before the CCBCC to address Lake Asbury concerns.  His priorities in regards to future projects are 1) Emergency Spillway for Lake Ryan dam, 2) New bulkhead on Lake Asbury dam, 3) Maintenance – which includes dredging.


B.                Vice Chairman

1.              Vice Chairman Petrucci asked about kettle maintenance (Agenda item 9.B).  Secretary Pickens reminded him that he’d brought this up before.  He said he would talk to Barry Bescht about it. (Note from Secretary – Mr. Petrucci suggested doing the kettles in the Sept 10 meeting; he said he would get Barry to look at it and bring a bid to the October meeting.  Mr. Petrucci said that he took Mr. Bescht to look at the kettles in October 1, 2018 meeting.  At the November 12 meeting he said he wouldn’t work on any projects anymore.  Trustee Huggins offered to be POC for the kettle project.  At the December 3, 2018 meeting Trustee Huggins said he would contact Mr. Bescht.  At the January meeting, Trustee Huggins said couldn’t attend any more board meetings and the subject was tabled until this meeting).


C.                Treasurer

1.              Mr. Kocher noted that the upper three drawers of the file cabinet in the storage locker wouldn’t open.  He spoke to a locksmith for advice.  If he cannot open it prior to the next meeting, he will request permission for a locksmith to open it.



D.                Trustees.  No subjects were brought up by Trustees.


9.              Unfinished Business

A.                Lake Ryan spillway project update.  Chair McMillan had nothing to report.

B.                Kettle rehab.  Addressed in agenda item 8.B.1.

C.                Cleanout boxes.  Chair McMillan had nothing to report.


10.          New Business

A.                Comments from District Members. 

1.              Kay Manly, 420 Wesley Road, wondered if the board knew that Mr. Behnken had complained to Mr. Fred Crawford at the Florida Association of Special Districts about the board.  Mr. Flowers said that he’d spoken to Mr. Crawford and that Mr. Crawford would call Mr. Behnken back.

2.              Mr. Len Nordgren, 762 Lake Asbury Drive, asked about the status of Lake Ryan.  He said he had the info he needed after listening to the meeting.

3.              Deb Barrett asked about documentation she saw that said the board could only collect assessments for 10 years.  Mr. Flowers said that it wasn’t that way at this time.

4.              Lee Goodnight, 614 Branscomb Road, about the finger near his home.  He said the board needed a 50-year plan.  He noted that lakes can and do disappear over time as sediment fills them up.

5.              Lawrence Pence, 105 Aldersgate Street, says that he is finding fecal matter floating in the lakes and asked about getting the water quality tested.  He knows what he is talking about because he used to do this type of testing.  Discussion included questions about whether failing septic systems could be the cause and whether the Health Dept. should be contacted.


11.          Adjournment: Chair McMillan made a motion to adjourn at 8:45.  Seconded by Trustee McCallister. Carried 7-0.


Melody Pickens                     ____________________________________________

District Secretary                              Mark McMillan, Chairman