1.              Call to order:

A.              The Trustees of the Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) met in the Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road, on the above-stated date. Chairman  McMillan called the meeting to order at 6:43 p.m.


2.              Roll/Quorum:

A.              The following trustees were present: Chairman McMillan, Vice Chair Petrucci, Treasurer Kocher, and Trustees Tyrie and Newton - a quorum of five.  Trustees absent: McCallister and Worley.  Staff present: District Attorney Wayne Flowers, District Accountant Tom Hallquest, District Engineer Mike Bueme, and Secretary Krysta Caprood.


3.              Administrative Announcement:

A.              Chairman McMillan gave the Administrative announcements.


4.              Approval of Minutes:

A.              A motion was made to approve the March 4, 2019 board meeting minutes by Vice Chair Petrucci. Seconded by Trustee Tyrie.  Carried 5-0.


5.              Treasurer’s Report:

A.              Treasurer Kocher presented the Treasurers Report.  Chairman McMillan moved to approve the April 1, 2019 Treasurer’s Report. Seconded by Trustee Tyrie. Carried 5-0.

B.              Treasurer Kocher would like to move $3,000 at the end of the month from the Money Market to Checking. Chairman McMillan made a motion to approve. Seconded by Trustee Tyrie. Carried 5-0. A motion to approve Trustee Kocher to move up to ten thousand dollars per month without the Board’s approval was motioned by Chair McMillan. Seconded by Vice Chair Petrucci. Carried 5-0.

C.              Corey Babcock, Ameris Bank is reviewing our Money Market rate for potential increase.

D.             Andy Lafear was not able to make it to this Board meeting, but may be here at the May       , Board meeting which also coincides with the month we look at the budget.  Ameris Bank proposed Term Loan with Line of Credit capability:

Update: A term loan only to supplement a low cash position when we need to accelerate a capital improvement as recommended by the District Engineer. For example: The Lake Ryan spillway construction is underway, and the Board needs to construct a bulkhead for Lake Asbury now to save money as there is an emergency that needs to be handled immediately. Note: our budget does not have a real emergency fund. A suggested $750,000 loan with a tax-exempt rate of 3.95%. The 2012 loan had $15,000 attorney fees and Bank Ordination fee of $2,500 or a total of 17,500. Ameris has reduced its 2019 Origination fee to $2,000 and we are waiting for Lewis, Longman& Walker fees for the new proposed loan. Note: LLW is replacing the previous Ameris attorney. The big feature of the term loan is that it acts like a line of credit. In other words, we do not make any monthly payments until we request funds. The interest rate remains the same, whereas, a line of credit rate is not tax-exempt and is higher and can change. We only pay the loan fees up front. We can pay off at any time because there is no pre-payment penalty. There will be more information to come once the total concept is ready for the Board’s review.

E.              Vice Chair Petrucci got in contact with Chad at Forest Groundworks about the lack of Additional Insured endorsement for the General Liability insurance. A copy of the insurance was handed over to Secretary, Krysta Caprood for the records. A motion was made by Chairman McMillan to pay for an additional cutting by Forest Groundworks. Seconded by Trustee Tyree. Carried 5-0.


6.              Approval of Checks:

A.              A motion to approve checks 3439-3448 was made by Trustee Tyrie. Seconded by Vice Chair Petrucci.  Carried 5-0.

7.              Staff Reports:

A.              District Engineer

1.              District Engineer, Mike Bueme passed out packets to the Board and staff to look over as he discussed each page. He requested that the application to be placed on hold and try to salvage the application fee.

2.              District Engineer, Mike Bueme addressed item #8, page 2.  It appears that some of the work is being done on adjacent properties and getting easements on these projects are becoming a problem.

3.              District Engineer, Mike Bueme feels that the previous engineer, Mike Kelter, should be brought back on to complete the project under him since those plans are fundamentally sound and so far along already. They are substantially complete. Vice Chair, Petrucci is concerned with having the previous engineer, Mike Kelter, being involved and even suggested scrapping the original plans and starting from the beginning.

4.              Budget Proposal- There are four addresses that have a combined $350,000 tab for infrastructure repair and need to be brought before the county as the county is responsible. Those addresses include: 287 Arthur Moore Dr., 478 Branscomb Rd., 166 Wesley Rd., and 780 Wesley Rd. Within one to two months, Mr. Gayward Henry will be presented with a packet that will contain documentation and pictures. If there is no response, a plan to go to the county will be made and enacted.

5.              Immediate Action- A video report of the condition of the pipes needs to be made first thing. Chairman, McMillan believes that they may have been resleeved 15-20 years ago. However, video of the lines is necessary. A horizontal video of Lake Lark to look through the dam would need to be included, as well. A motion to approve up to $ 7,500 for CCTV inspection was made by Treasurer Kocher. Seconded by Vice Chair Petrucci. Carried 5-0.

Residents will need to be notified when a decision has been made on the day when the lowering of the lakes will take place. A Motion to approve $500 for postage for mailers being sent out to residents to inform them that the lakes will drop from 3-6 inches and that their boat lifts and sprinkler pumps may be effected and that staying off the lake and keep it idle during that time would be prudent was made by Treasurer Kocher. Seconded by Chairman McMillan. Carried 5-0.

6.              Once an analysis to the stability of the dam is complete, there will be a design for a sheet pile.

7.              A blanket easement needs to be completed over the two lots. District Attorney, Wayne Flowers would like to negotiate about the spillway to avoid court to be able to get in there. Chairman McMillan and Vice Chairman Petrucci are going to talk to the owners and try to get things moving.

8.              Emergency Action Plan- The Emergency Action Plan is more involved than what is enacted right now. Chairman McMillan says the person who is in charge right now is leaving so, waiting to talk to the new person who takes their place is more conducive and a new Emergency Action Plan will be written up.




B.              District Attorney Wayne Flowers

1.              Continuing on with what Treasurer Kocher was speaking of, District Attorney, Wayne Flowers would like to adopt a tentative budget by July, start talking about it at the May Board meeting and have information posted about it on the website 60 days prior.

C          Secretary

1.         Krysta Caprood, Secretary had nothing to report.

D.         Accountant Tom Hallquest

            1.         Tom Hallquest, District Accountant had nothing to report.

8.              Trustee Reports:

A.              Chairman

1.              Chairman, Mark Mcmillan will be getting in contact with Freddie Langford concerning Shad.

B.              Vice Chairman

1.         Vice Chair, Petrucci had nothing to report.

C.              Treasurer

1.              Website Update.

Treasurer Kocher informed the Board that the website is ADA compliant.

2.              Records Maintenance:

Tom Hallquest, District Accountant’s company is still planning to shred the old records within the next month or two.  

9.              Unfinished Business

A.              Lake Ryan spillway project – Chairman Mark McMillan would like to get back in contact with the former engineer and bring him back on, working under District Engineer, Mike Bueme to get the Lake Ryan Project complete. District Engineer Mike Bueme would be the contact between Mike K. and St. John’ s River Water Management District and the Board.  

B.              Bid for Kettle Maintenance- Vice Chair, Petrucci has an upcoming meeting pertaining to the kettles and an apparatus.

C.              File cabinet in storage unit – Treasurer Kocher had nothing to report


10.          New Business

A.              Comments from District Members. 

1.              David Fox, 166 Wesley Rd., Roads around the lake and dredging the lake. Does the lake account any of the $600 extra in taxes that are paid yearly? Chairman McMillan discussed with him the plan of action and is even going to use his pictures and documentation to provide information for the packet that will be given to Gayward Henry in hopes of having the city resolve the infrastructure issue.

2.              Lee Goodnight, 614 Branscomb Rd., Any plans for routine winter draw down to facilitate bulkhead maintenance and digging out silt on an individual basis? The answer is that there are no plans of doing so. If a resident wishes to rent equipment or hire someone to dig out in front of their bulkhead or boathouse, they need permission from LAMSBD. The protocol then requires the resident to personally obtain a permit from the St. John’s River Water Management District. If approval from LAMSBD is received, there is a SJRWMD application fee to pay for the permit process.


11.          Adjournment: Chairman, McMillan made a motion to adjourn at 8:15pm. Carried 5-0.


Krysta Caprood                     ____________________________________________

District Secretary                              Mark McMillan, Chairman