1.              Call to order:

A.              The Trustees of the Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) met in the Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road, on the above-stated date. Chairman McMillan called the meeting to order at 6:30 p.m.


2.              Roll/Quorum:

A.              The following trustees were present: Chairman McMillan, Treasurer Kocher, and Trustees Gaver, Newton, and Weisenburger - a quorum of five. Staff present: District Attorney Wayne Flowers, District Engineers Laura Mahoney, John Mahoney, and Charles Sohm, District Accountant Tom Hallquest, and District Secretary Krysta Caprood.


3.              Administrative Announcement:

A.              Chairman McMillan gave the Administrative announcements.


4.              Approval of Minutes:

A.              A motion to approve December 9, 2019 Board meeting minutes was made by Treasurer Kocher. Seconded by Trustee Newton. Carried 5-0.


5.              Election of Board Members:

A.              By a majority vote, Mark McMillan was reelected to the Board as Chairman.

B.              By a unanimous vote, Jeff Gaver was elected to the Board as Vice Chairman.

C.              By a majority vote, Carl Kocher was reelected to the Board as Treasurer.

D.             A motion to retain Krysta Caprood as District Secretary was made by Chairman McMillan. Seconded by Trustee Carol Weisenburger. Carried 5-0. 


6.              Presentation by Magers and Associates:

A.              Maryanne Magers with Magers and Associates came to answer questions concerning the yearly audit. The packet she handed out is presented in two different formats. There is a letter to the Auditor General’s Office and is available in PDF format.

B.              LAMBSD’s debt is paid off.

C.              Trustee Carol Weisenburger had a discrepancy with the wordage concerning the dams and their appearance in the report on p. 18. Treasurer Kocher asked the Board to review the report last month and did not hear back from any members so he proceeded on with the report of the dams out of appearance. Chairman McMillan made a motion to accept the audit by Magers and Associates. Seconded by Trustee Newton. Carried 5-0.    

7.              Treasurer’s Report:

A.              Review January 2020 General Checking and Money Market Account with the Board.

Treasurer Kocher presented the Treasurer’s Report. A motion to approve the Treasurer’s report was made by Trustee Weisenburger. Seconded by Chairman McMillan. Carried 5-0.

B.              A motion to approve checks 3522-3528 was made by Trustee Weisenburger. Seconded by Chairman McMillan. Carried 5-0.

C.              Additional Financial Issues that affect LAMSBD:

1.              Officer changes require new signature cards at Ameris Bank. New Officer (s) will be advised when to go to Ameris Bank, Fleming Island, to sign updated signature cards.

2.              10-99s will be mailed out January 7, 2020.

D.             A motion to approve Special District financial experts was made by Trustee Weisenburger. Seconded by Chairman McMillan. Carried 5-0.

E.              A motion to get proposals and quotes from companies for ant control was made by Treasurer Kocher. Seconded by Trustee Weisenburger. Carried 5-0.

8.              Staff Reports:

A.              District Engineer:

1.              Laura Mahoney made a request to put together proposals for geotechnical engineers to give bids. The work would be to get borings done at the North dam and have a geotechnical stability analysis completed. Also, a request for a geotechnical expert to come onto the dams and give a more in depth analysis was made. The information would be brought back to the Board for discussions and decisions. A motion to authorize Tocoi Engineering, LLC to prepare a request for proposals for geotechnical services that would then come back to the Board for review and authorization then, to put it out on the streets for those proposals was made by Chairman McMillan. Seconded by Trustee Weisenburger. Carried 5-0. The scope will be presented at the next meeting and will include at least three proposals.

2.              Data Collected: Hardcopy and LAMSBD files/maps from Carl Kocher, hardcopy and digital LAMSBD files/maps from former District Engineer, Mike Bueme P.E., and photographs at two sites (one with Chairman McMillan and one with Charlie Sohm when kettle work was being completed)

3.              Activities Completed: Site visit, walked the dams, observed conditions at street crossings in need of repair, and observed conditions at North Lake Asbury Dam Spillway and proximity of neighbor’s residences. Conducted site visit during installation of new kettles, reviewed most recent topographic survey of project area, and performed preliminary review of all documents collected this period. An index of files and maps collected is being developed. It will be provided to the Board once it is complete. The documents will be scanned for permanent record and a determination will be made which hardcopy maps need to be scanned for the permanent record. All files and maps will be returned once indexing and potential scanning is complete. They reviewed the existing Capital Improvement Plan to prepare updates to plan: Add additional detail, Draft project budget, and establish a proposed timeline.

4.              Proposed next actions: Continue to update the Capital Improvement Plan for presentation next month, continue indexing all files and maps, TE to prepare a request for proposal from geotechnical engineers for the following: geotechnical borings at the North dam, geotechnical stability analysis for the North dam, and have an expert on-site to complete inspections of all dams. Also, to include, documenting the damaged Clay County street crossings in Lake Asbury for use as a tool to seek assistance from the county. TE will prepare a draft task order proposal for review by Chairman McMillan. Upon approval, TE will create a PowerPoint presentation with photographs documenting damaged street crossings. The presentation will be provided to LAMSBD Board for review and approval. Approved presentation will be presented to Clay County as directed by the LAMSBD Board.

5.              Trustee Weisenburger thinks it is a good idea for there to be a liaison to go between Tocoi Engineering, LLC and the county. Chairman McMillan will get with Tocoi Engineering, LLC to go out on the boat so that pictures can be taken.

B.              District Attorney:

1.              Public Records Exemptions discussion will be held over until next meeting.

2.         A motion for District Attorney Wayne Flowers to send letter to Lake LARC (Team Effort) and Tracy Woods (dam safety officer) was made by Chairman McMIllan. Seconded by Trustee Weisenburger. Carried 5-0.

C.              Secretary:    


9.              Trustee Reports:

A.              Chairman:

1.              Chairman McMillan brought forth the topic of redoing the North lake boat ramp by Lanita during February through LALLOA. She would need to drop the lake to be able to complete the job. The water would need to be dropped low enough to the end of the ramp. Tocoi Engineering, LLC would like to look at the risks involved in lowering the lake. Chairman McMillan suggested dropping the lake only one foot and digging a dike around to pump out water, to be safe. There is a concern about dropping and raising the water in the lake and we want to be careful.

2.              Chairman McMillan should be meeting with UMX next week and will be asking for a quote. UMX needs to look at the South lake. The East valve needs to be completely closed and then the others need to be made functional. The ramp project and valve closures will be coordinated to be done at the same time.

3.              Mr. Hendry is aware that Chairman McMillan is in the process of working with Tocoi Engineering, LLC and that all information and materials are being put together.

4.              The kettles did get replaced. They are set on there, but not mounted the way they were previously, but are sturdier the way that they are mounted now. They are made out of galvanized or aluminum metal. Treasurer Kocher states that they need reflective tape and “No Trespassing” signs placed on them and that will be getting taken care of.

5.              Chairman McMillan was concerned about damage caused by a crane used by Bowmaster. He found some trenching and pieces of wood and long sticks spread across the dam. He called Rob Bowmaster and asked for his guys to bring a big shovel to fill in the trench when they came back out to finish their work. He then discovered that Clay Electric was supposed to come out and clean up the limbs that had been left behind from their cutting job, but instead just shredded them with a bush hog. They had used a skid steer and sunk the piece of equipment at the toe of the dam and the trench was actually from the tow truck that came out to pull the skid steer out. Chairman McMillan contacted Clay Electric and had the crew return to clean up, but there was a language barrier which made communicating difficult. Some of the wood was collected so, Clay Electric was contacted again and a gentleman from the home office came out and said he would bring a crew out and supervise them, himself. Since coming out with his crew, 90% of the limbs have been cleared. Trustee Weisenburger voiced concern about anything being done concerning the dams should go through our engineers first so as not to not cause any damage. Charlie Sohm asked for any documentation or pictures of what the dam looked like beforehand.

6.              Chairman McMillan spoke to John Sarman who sold the Board the sound system and he suggested that a new system be purchased. Trustee Weisenburger is going to take the microphones with her that are not working and research into costs for new bases.

7.              Chairman McMillan gave the Commission of Ethics  mailing list to District Secretary Caprood to take care of.

B.              Vice Chairman:

C.              Treasurer:

1.              Lake LARC letter covered under District Attorney         

2.              A motion to purchase four combination locks and chain to secure the kettles, valves, and gates was made by Vice Chairman Gaver. Seconded by Chairman McMillan. Carried 5-0. Chairman McMillan will measure and purchase the items.

D.             Trustees:


10.          Unfinished Business:


11.          New Business:

A.              Comments from district members:

1.              Mike Clemons, 953 Arthur Moore Dr., Would like an update on the sand/silt in the finger of the South lake. Chairman McMillan stated that we are working on that right now with our new engineers and are looking for help from the county, DEP, and other agencies. It will be put on the list and we will try our best. Treasurer Kocher stated that we have to address this issue and cannot keep avoiding it.      


12.          Adjournment: Chairman McMillan made a motion to adjourn at 8:10pm. Carried 5-0.



Krysta Caprood                     ____________________________________________

District Secretary                              Mark McMillan, Chairman