Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD)

Special Meeting Minutes

April 26, 2022


Type of Meeting: Special District Meeting to meet representatives of the Hanson Firm.

Meeting location: The Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road, Green Cove Springs, Fl.

Call to Order:  Chairman Alton Davis called the meeting to order at 6:32pm.

Roll Call: The following Trustees were present: Chairman Davis, Vice Chairman Forhan, Treasurer Kocher, Wantage, Weisenburger, Pence, Lahey, Scally.  Staff: District Attorney Hans Wahl.  District Accountant Tom Hallquest was absent due to medical reasons.

Pledge of Allegiance

Administrative Announcements:  Chairman Davis reminded the audience that all questions and comments for the Board can be sent to the District Secretary via email prior to meetings.  This could save time and if there are several question/comments on the same subject, the Board could have a general discussion on the topic.  There will be a link on the website for convenience.   Forms will still be available at the board meetings for those who wish to continue with that method.

Chairman Davis reviewed meeting etiquette.  Reminder to everyone that the meeting is audio recorded and will be posted on the website.

Several Trustees have submitted questions in the past week.  During the presentation, Trustees with questions , to clarify  the topic information, are welcome to ask their question.  Members of the audience are welcome to complete the comment/question form and submit it to receive answers at the end of the presentation.

The Hanson Firm received a copy of the questions that were submitted early and has prepared their presentation, a double sided hand out.  The purpose is to explain their proposal, introduce their firms and answer questions.  Additional questions are welcome.

Hanson Firm Representatives:  Brian Wozniak – Project Manager, Justin Dewey – Water Resources Engineer, Kelly Smith (Kimley Horn) – Community Outreach Lead/Grants and Kenneth Avery (Bergmann)- Dam Safety Specialist; Mr. Avery was unable to attend.

Their main purpose tonight is to get questions answered for the Board and the community.  These three (3) firms have formed a joint venture (KHB) and work with the Army Corps of Engineers.  The Army Corps of Engineers rates them #1 in the Jacksonville area.  This proposal is with Hanson and Hanson has Bergmann and Kimley Horn as sub-contractors.

They have gone to the LAMSBD website, looked at the history of the dams and community and are aware of the maintenance that has been done and on needed repairs.  Currently the dams have a rating of “High Hazard,” probable maximum flooding, with loss of life possible. 

LAMSBD’s contract will be with Hanson and they will be available to attend Board meetings as needed.  Town Hall meetings, newsletters and map based apps are also an option to help advise and educate the community.  It is important for the Board to have the ability to communicate and work with Hanson.

Their plan is broken down into seven (7) “Tasks” and could be done in three (3) phases. The condition of each dam will determine the process. Trees on the dams need to be removed.  Timeline may be one (1) year for design. The timeline will vary as the project proceeds. An update will be provided monthly and adjustments made along the way. 

State and Federal Grant money is imperative. There is no timing issue for Federal Grants, however, FEMA has a cycle. An appropriations Request letter, to define the project, needs to be prepared and sent to LAMSBD’s Representative requesting funds from the Federal level.  This letter is to educate the Representative.  A good presentation package needs to be put together, Kelly Smith has a team that can help with that.  Keep in mind, some grants are matching funds.  Develop a strategy for applying for Grants.  LAMSBD is # 21 on the LMS (Local Mitigation Strategy) for Clay County.

All questions that were brought up were answered.

The next decision is whether to go forward and get Hanson to propose a contract including costs.  This will be discussed at the May 2, 2022 Board Meeting.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:35pm.  It was seconded by Janet Wantage.


Prepared by: Shirley Phillips, District Secretary

Approved June 6, 2022