Regular Board Meeting

June 6, 2022


Call to order:  The Trustees of Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) met in the Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road. Chairman Alton Davis at 6:36pm

Roll Call: The following Trustees were present: Chairman Davis, Vice Chairman Forhan, Treasurer Kocher, Weisenburger, Pence, Lahey and Scally.                 Staff: District Attorney Hans Wahl, District Accountant Tom Hallquest

Pledge of Allegiance

Administrative Announcements:  Chairman Davis reminded the audience that all questions and comments for the Board can be sent to the District Secretary via email prior to meetings.  This could save time and if there are several question/comments on the same subject, the Board could have a general discussion on the topic.  There will be a link on the website for convenience.   Forms will still be available at the board meetings for those who wish to continue with that method.

Chairman Davis reviewed meeting etiquette.  Reminder to everyone that the meeting is audio recorded and will be posted on the website.

Minutes of the Special April 26, 2022 and the May 4, 2022 meetings were Approved 7-0 (motion by Davis and second by Lahey)

Treasurer’s Report: Carl Kocher

Motion by Kocher and Second by Weisenburger to approve the Treasure’s  report: 7-0 to approve

Motion by Kocher and Second by Forhan to approve Monthly checks and Autopay: 7-0  to approve

Trustee Kocher Regarding District Recertifications: Jack Gaskins, Special District Accountability Program, DEO, District Attorney and the Treasurer agree LAMSBD does not have to re certify . Due to the Reedy Creek (Disney) Special District issues, the treasurer did not want a major cost to arise that was not known or budgeted.


Public Facilities Plan: Jack Gaskins and the Treasurer have confirmed that since LAMSBD is a Dependent Special District, there will be no request from the State to complete a Public Facilities Plan.  At this point, only the County can request a PFP from LAMSBD. The County did so in 2009. The request resulted in the dams being assigned addresses. Addresses are posted on our website.  An internal Public Facilities Plan with a CIP will be required by most Banks in processing a Loan or Bond funding request. Those addresses are as follows:


351-1 Branscomb Road (South Lake Asbury Dam)

            600-1 Lake Asbury Drive (Lake Ryan Dam)

            390-1 Lake Asbury Drive (Lake Asbury Dam)

The -1 after the numeric address indicates infrastructure.  Mrs. Manly of LALLOA requested the addresses be sent to them.


LAMSBD’s new mailbox is in place and the PO Box will be phased out.  The new address is 276 Branscomb Rd., Green Cove Springs, Fl. 32043-5205.

Proposed Budget:  A complete Budget must be approved tonight and posted to the LAMSBD website.  The final Budget must be approved at the July 11th meeting (per Chapter 189) with Resolution and submitted to the County for their approval.  It will then be added to the County Budget

Budget Discussion followed:


Trustee Kocher suggested $150,000 for Hanson’s fees.  Chairman Davis felt that wasn’t enough.  Co-chairman Forhan suggested $170,000 (line #5312)

Co-chairman Forhan suggested $10,000 is low for maintenance.  Due to the current water quality and concerns over duckweed in Hazelwood and Wesley Rd. fingers. Trustee Lahey suggested an allowance for a study and dredging.  Co-chairman Forhan suggested that item #5630 be changed to $50,000  and that Engineering/Dredging be added as a line item. Trustee Weisenburger suggested $100,000.

Memberships: DEO is required.  Trustee Kocher requested we join FSDA (Florida Special District Association) at a cost of $1,000. They have education programs, find auditors, attorneys and have the ability to help us find financing.

General discussion ended.

Trustee Kocher requested approval to sign Audit Engagement Letter for the Year ending September 30, 2022.  Motion by Forhan and Second by Weisenburger to authorize the Letter of Engagement for next years audit.   7/0  Approved

Motion by Co-chairman Forhan to approve Draft Budget with an assessment of $1,200 for next year.  No second – motion failed.

Hanson’s proposal addresses possibly funding the project in part with grants.  Phase 1 (discovery/planning) came in at a cost of $117,724 and is part of the current year’s budget.  When Phase 1 is completed, potential costs can be determined.

There is opposition to Hanson’s fee for “in person” meetings.  It is felt that virtual meetings would be just as effective and less costly.  An email could be sent to amend the contract language to meet virtually with the Board, SJRWM, State Dam Safety Officer and any other necessary entities.    Motion by Kocher to strike the “In person” language from the contract.  Second by Forhan   Defeated 2-5 (Lahey, Scally, Weisenburger, Davis and Pence).

Motion by Davis to approve Phase 1 as presented by Hanson.  Second by Pence.   Approved  5-2 (Forhan and Kocher)

Motion by Kocher to approve the Draft Budget with a $2,400  assessment. Second by Weisenburger   Approved 5-2 (Forhan and Scally)


Information: Chairman Davis reported that Noon June 17th is the deadline for anyone who wants to run for a seat in the upcoming election.

 At the May meeting the Board approved a walkway/platform for South Lake, not to exceed $3,500.  Hayward Construction proposed $5,700 for the project.      Motion by Davis to approve the increase in cost.  Second by Kocher   Approved 7-0.

Property Encroachments Co-chairman Forhan reported that:  A property owner has offered to sell an easement (North Spillway) to LAMSBD.  No price is stated. An appraisal will need to be done.

All Agenda Items not covered at this meeting are deferred to the July meeting.

Motion by Davis to adjourned at 9:25 Second by Forhan  Approved 7-0

Prepared by Shirley Phillips, District Secretary

Approved July 11, 2022