Regular Board Meeting

August 1, 2022


Call to order:  The Trustees of Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) met in the Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road. Chairman Alton Davis at 6:35pm

Roll Call: The following Trustees were present: Chairman Davis, Treasurer Kocher, Wantage, Weisenburger, Lahey and Scally.                                           

Staff: District Attorney Hans Wahl, District Accountant Tom Hallquest

Pledge of Allegiance

Administrative Announcements:  Chairman Davis reminded the audience that all questions and comments for the Board can be sent to the District Secretary via email prior to meetings.  This could save time and if there are several question/comments on the same subject, the Board could have a general discussion on the topic.  There will be a link on the website for convenience.   Forms will still be available at the board meetings for those who wish to continue with that method.

Chairman Davis reviewed meeting etiquette.  Reminder to everyone that the meeting is audio recorded and will be posted on the website.

Minutes of the July 11, 2022   Motion by Davis and second by Scally to accept as presented:  Approved 6-0.

Treasurer’s Report: Carl Kocher

Checking and Money Market Motion by Kocher Second by Weisenburger to accept. Approved 6-0.

Monthly checks  3782-3789 and EFT(Clay Electric) Motion by Kocher Second by Lahey.  Approved 6-0.

Motion by Wantage and Second by Weisenburger  to ask Dr. Burke to reduce the percentage of ad valorem tax for a short period of time (ie: one year) with the option of continuing the reduction for a second year.  Approved 6-0.  Treasurer Kocher volunteered to contact Dr. Burke via email.

Bank Review: Currently, 10 banks have submitted RFQ.  Four (4) have experience with small Districts.

District Attorney, Tom Hallquest answered a question form the audience to clarify the new Budget.

Hanson update:  Trustee Wantage has been working with Kimley-Horne Re: Grants.  Kimley-Horne has provided a matrix with seven(7) grants that are being reviewed.  Trustee Weisenburger questioned if the $25,000 due with  two of the applications is refundable? Trustee Wantage will request clarification.  An update on Hanson’s findings will be posted on the website in September or October.  Hanson’s report on Phase 1 is due September 10.  Trustee Kocher will ask our ITT person to establish a “Grant Update” section on the website, so the residents can more easily stay informed.

Trustee Lahey’s Reports:

1.     Presented an estimate for tree removal on Lake Ryan and fencing for Lake Ryan and South Lake.

2.     Has researched what is needed to enhance the meeting hall’s acoustics/sound system and a video system to accommodate video conferencing and presentations.  Comcast has the best pricing for internet access.  Lake Asbury Community Association administers the building and will have the say as to what can and cannot be done to the building.  According to Trustee Weisenburger, they are in favor of the project. The other Lake Groups will be approached to share in the cost of installation and equipment.  Shure Systems would like to check out the building to determine the best equipment layout.

3.    The new pier is in.  Do we want to add a pier to each of the other Kettles?

Chairman Davis will write an article for the next Lake Lighter news Re: the Dam refurbishing project.

Board Purchasing Policy was tabled to the September meeting.

Trustee Weisenburger suggested the Wesley Road water condition be tabled until Hanson presents their proposal. Lake Dr’s use to treat the lakes.  That process may need to be revisited.  Chairman Davis will try to regain the permit to clean the lakes.

Flood control protocol was tabled until the September meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:29.   Motion by Weisenburger and Second by Wantage.  Approved 6-0

Prepared by Shirley Phillips

Approved Sept. 12, 2022