Regular Board Meeting

October 3, 2022


Call to order:  The Trustees of Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District (LAMSBD) met in the Lake Asbury Community Center, 282 Branscomb Road. Chairman Alton Davis at 6:35pm

Roll Call: The following Trustees were present: Chairman Davis,  Co-Chair Forhan, Treasurer Kocher, Wantage, Weisenburger, Pence and Scally.  

                 Trustee Lahey was absent.                                         

Staff: District Attorney Hans Wahl, District Accountant Tom Hallquest, District Secretary Shirley Phillips

Hanson Engineering Representatives: Brian Wozniak, Kelly Smith, Justin Dewey and Kenneth Avery

Pledge of Allegiance

Administrative Announcements:  Chairman Davis reminded the audience that all questions and comments for the Board can be sent to the District Secretary via email prior to meetings.  This could save time and if there are several question/comments on the same subject, the Board could have a general discussion on the topic.  There will be a link on the website for convenience.   Forms will still be available at the board meetings for those who wish to continue with that method.

Chairman Davis reviewed meeting etiquette.  Reminder to everyone that the meeting is audio recorded and will be posted on the website.

Minutes of the September 12, 2022   Motion by Pence and second by Forhan to accept as presented:  Approved 7-0.

We were fortunate with the recent weather situation with Hurricane Ian. All valves are working properly on all lakes, due to the efforts of Mr. Tim Ley.  The water levels were dropped in anticipation of the approaching storm.

The primary focus of tonight’s meeting is to give us an update on the process and progress of the dam refurbishing project to date.

Treasurer’s Report: Trustee Kocher

Financial Report (Checking and Money Market) Motion by Forhan Second by Pence to accept. Approved 7-0.

Monthly checks  3798 - 3808 and EFT(Clay Electric) Motion by Weisenburger and Second by Wantage.  Approved 7-0

The 2023 Audit is in process.  Trustee Kocher would like to have a projected Cost Matrix for the refurbishing project at next months meeting.

There was a brief demonstration of the new Audio Visual system being used at this evenings meeting.  Motion by Davis and second by Weisenburger to authorize Trustee Lahey to contract with Comcast for one year for internet service to support the new AV system for the building at a cost of $150.00 per month.   Approved 7-0.

Chairman Davis introduced Mr. Brian Wozniak, Project Manager with the Hanson Engineering firm.  He and his team will be refurbishing the Lake Asbury dams and assisting LAMSBD to secure funding for the project.

Mr. Wozniak stated that Phase 1 is an Engineering Investigation Report. There was a meeting in August with SJRWM and the Advisory Group on site.  A lot of studies have been done. A finalized report of that meeting and the studies will be posted on the website, when complete.

Grant funding: Kimley-Horn is key to assisting with financing to relieve the monetary burden on the District. Kelly Smith with Kimley -Horn advised of a list of nine (9) potential funding sources that may become available. There are two key potential opportunities that will be available in a few months.  After a fund is open, the eligibility requirements for qualifying will be made available. The State Appropriations Request Project for funding will become available in February or March 2023.  An appointment needs to made with Rep. Kat Cammack to present her with a letter requesting assistance with the project.  Representatives from LAMSBD, Kimley-Horn and possibly our County Commissioner should be at that meeting.  Another possibility is from the Department of Transportation when that becomes available.

Prior Engineering Reports: There have been 19, five of which were EAP reports and can be used as a baseline and expanded upon.  Three problem areas have been identified.

1.    Replace primary spillways

2.    Remove trees and vegetation (roots create “channels” for seepage)

3.    The North Dam, The roadway crest is not level.

The prior surveys are still relevant and are useable.  SJRWM does not have a standard guideline for rehabilitating an existing dam. They have no requirements for refurbishing a dam and will review a justifiable plan.  It will be site specific.  These dams are considered High Hazzard; in a breach, there could be loss of life.  An analysis of the spillways, rainfall over time and other variables will dictate the necessary size of each spillway.

Current dam design for each dam is 100 year storm levels. Each dam does have some seepage and the seepage water is clear. There needs to be a better understanding of where that seepage is coming from.  The Right of Way on all dams needs to be clearly defined, especially on the North Dam.  A 2022 cost analysis can be applied to the existing plan.

Chairman Davis asked about shoreline protection.  That will be part of the design plan. 

Trustee Kocher asked for a time frame for completion of the project, Tracy Woods’ (Florida Dept. of Environmental Protection Dam Safety Program) main concern is the North Dam.  Time to the projected completion of the project is about five (5) years. 

Trustee Weisenburger asked about construction flexibility due to residents use of the lakes. Could dredging of fingers be done simultaneously with dam rehabilitation?   Brian Wozniak indicated yes, it can be done to lessen the impact of usage.

Audience Questions/Comments:

Funding is critical to prevent shelving the construction plan. There is concern over cost vs finances available. Funds will come from several sources: grant and tax assessments. Motion by Wantage and second by Weisenburger to authorize  Hanson to coordinate with Trustee Wantage and our County Commissioner to be part of a meeting with Congress woman Kat Cammack to present the project.  Hanson will prepare the letter requesting appropriations to present to Congress Woman Cammack.  Approved 7-0

In regard to Dredging:  There is a study  being done on the Lake Asbury watershed by the county.

Does watershed affect PMP?  Yes, Permitted and unpermitted properties have an impact.

Timeline of the Phase beginning?  A Phase 1 B will be required and should be finished in three (3) months based on Hanson’s estimate..

What is the end date to the referendum ?  There is none.

How does volume of dams compare to the volume of Black Creek in regard to safety?

As for request for Grants, we will request as much appropriations as possible.

There are topics that time did not permit to cover.  Motion by Chairman Davis to table those topics for the November meeting and to adjourn this meeting at 8:40.  Second by Pence.  Approved 7-0

Prepared by Shirley Phillips, District Secretary

Approved November 14, 2022