Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District

November 14, 2022


Call to order by Chairman Davis at 6:36 pm

Roll Call: Trustees present Chairman Davis, Wantage, Weisenburger, Pence, Lahey, Scally.  Staff present District Accountant Hallquest, District Attorney Wahl and District Secretary Phillips.

Pledge of Allegiance

Administrative Announcements

Welcome new Trustees: Seat 4 Diane Poidevant and Seat 8 Mike Clemons. County will swear in new County Commissioners on November 22, 2022.  At the December meeting of LAMSBD the new Trustees will be sworn in.  Existing Trustees do not need to be sworn in again.

In regard to Seat 6, Trustee Wantage’s paperwork had some issues with the elections office.  Because she did not resign the seat and there was no opposing candidate, she remains in the seat until the next election.  This is based on LAMSBD’s Charter and a previous Attorney General’s statement which was researched by Attorney Wahl.

Approve Minutes of October 3, 2022:  Motion by Weisenburger and Second by Pence: Approved 6 – 0.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Hallquest

We have a deficit in the checking account due to funds not being transferred prior to the meeting.  Monthly checks are written, waiting for signatures and transfer of funds to cover them.  Motion by Davis and Second by Weisenburger to approve the Treasurer’s report and transfer 80,000.00 from Money Market to Checking to cover the current bills. Approved 6 – 0.

Motion by Weisenburger and Second by Lahey to approve Checks 3809 – 3816 and the EFT.  Approved 6 – 0.

Audit update: Tom Hallquest has the information needed for the auditor and will have that information to them by the end of this week.  There may be other requirements needed from the Board and Hanson engineering at a later date.

Trustee Lahey gave a brief explanation of the trial microphone system.

District Attorney Wahl stated the swearing in of new Trustees has been pushed back to December and the new Board officers will be elected in January.

Chairman Davis Update on Hanson engineering: Phase 1 is posted on the LAMSBD website.  Phase 1B proposal should include some additional Geo Tech work, surveying and incremental analysis.  More discussions will take place with SJRWD about permitting criteria.

Information from the Surveyor and Geo Technical work is needed to continue with design work.  When the information is received, LAMSBD will need to apply to SJRWM for a permit to proceed.  Phase 1B should take approximately three (3) months.

Trustee Pence on water quality:  A management company came out to tour the lakes and access the weed situation.  They recommend not doing anything now; it is not the growing season and would not be beneficial at this time.  Mr. Lundy is with another company and will review the situation next week. There must be a system set in place to keep fish from infiltrating other areas.  An estimate for cleanup and stocking with fish is expected to be available at our December meeting.  Trustee Weisenburger would like and interim plan in place to clean up the waterways.  Dredging was discussed

LAMSBD’s # 1 priority is to fix the dams.  Clay County has authorized a Water Shed Study for Lake Asbury that is due for review as early as February 2023. It will identify problems that the County needs to address and problems that LAMSBD will need to address.

Flood Control update:  There were two (2) draw  downs recently due to the storms we have just experienced.  There are still a few things that need to be worked out with the procedures.  The EAP plan needs to be updated to designate Chairman Davis as the contact person, instead of Mark McMillan.

Bid Purchasing Policy needs to be review and approved.  This action should take place in January to give the new Trustees time to review the policy.

Trustee Lahey:   The contract for mowing is up for renewal.  The contract needs to include specific tasks of weed & tree control around fenced areas.  A draft copy of the new contract is available for review.  Keep in mind that a change in the slope of the dams could require a change in the type of equipment used for safety issues.

Mr. Tim Ley has submitted a new design for a draw down system, for the lakes, to Hanson Engineering for consideration.  This design would increase the system size and be situated at a higher elevation with valve controls at the top above the surface which would make maintenance and operation easier. This would increase the overflow rate.

Trustee Wantage: We were not able to arrange a meeting with Kat Cammack prior to the elections.  A meeting is trying to be arranged with our new Representative, Arron Bean.  The LMS is coming up December 13th.  We can add projects to that application and NOT change LAMSBD’s status. However, all requests must be specific, so each project needs to be identified.

Kimley-Horn recommends that LAMSBD applies for low interest Federal (FEMA) loans.  Grants, FEMA loans and Federal Appropriations are all considerations of funding for all the needed projects.

Motion: Wantage Second by Weisenburger to add dredging, weed control and water clarification projects to the LMS funding. Approved 6 – 0.

Trustee Wantage will prepare a presentation on Grants to be presented after the new Trustees are seated.

Unfinished Business: None

Audience Questions & Comments:

The tax referendum was passed October 12, 2021.  It was established according to existing requirements.

Mark Wantage -  answer: The LAMSBD homepage has an “Alert” sign up on it.  Anyone can log-in and complete the contact information to receive alerts regarding the lakes/dams. 

Mark McMillan – Regarding Seat 6: This answer was given and explained at the beginning of the meeting during the “introduction of new Trustees”.


Tammy Bement – Was accessed for 1 ½ parcels and would like to know why.  Mr. Wahl will look into her concerns.

J. Regenie – According to Hans Wahl it would depend on how the lot was plotted.  Mr. Wahl will investigate the issue.


Roger Kapenski - Regarding the weeds in his area.  Alton will provide a response to him

G. Rollins – It was done according to the way it was set up.  Alton will  provide a response to him

J. Webber $2400 Adequate?  It was calculated on estimate of funds needed to complete the project.  Banks want to see substantial funds available in the bank account before they will have an interest in working with the borrower.  Alton will provide a response to him. 

Meeting was adjourned at 8:50   Motion by Weisenburger Second by Scally   Approved 6 – 0.

Prepared by Shirley Phillips, District Secretary

Approved 9-0  December 5, 2022