Lake Asbury Municipal Service Benefit District

December 5, 2022

Meeting Minutes


Call to order by Chairman Davis at 6:33pm

Swearing in of newly elected Trustees: Diane Poidevant (seat 4) and Mike Clemons (Seat 8). Oath of office was administered by District Attorney Wahl.

Roll Call: Trustees Present were Chairman Davis, Vice Chairman Forhan, Wantage, Weisenburger, Pence, Lahey, Scally, Poidevant and Clemons.  Staff present were District Account Hallquest, District Attorney Wahl and District Secretary Phillips.


Administrative Announcements by Chairman Davis.  Chairman Davis recognized all the efforts of Carl Kocher, former Treasurer and Trustee.  Officers will be elected at the January meeting. There are three (3) offices to fill: Chairman, Vice Chairman and Treasurer.

Approval of November’s Minutes.  Motion by Wantage and second by Weisenburger.  Approved 9 – 0.

Treasurer’s Report: Chairman Davis

Funds were transferred from Money Market to Checking

Checks written were 3813 – 3218 + EFT Motion by Vice Chairman Forhan and second by Lahey to approve funds transfer, checks and EFT.  Approved 9-0.

Staff Reports:

District Accountant Hallquest reported that all information from the Financial side and the Secretarial information, needed for the Auditor has been submitted.  There maybe questions for engineering at a later date.

District Attorney Wahl completed his research on the tax assessment questions by two (2) property owners at last months meeting. He confirmed that the County does an assessment for each lot and /or portion of a lot and applies the appropriate assessment.  No errors were found in the calculations.


First Order of business in January is the Election of Board Officers.

Chairman Davis reported that Hanson’s Phase 1A has Grant funding issues that are still open.  Phase 1B arrived with one (1) day notice.  The Board feels they need more time to review the contract before they can act on it.   

Motion by Vice Chairman Forhan and second by Weisenburger: Each Trustee should propose questions for Hanson and submit them to Chairman Davis no later than Monday, December 12, 2022.  They will be presented to Hanson for answers to be given at a Special Meeting to be held Wednesday, December 14 at 6:30pm in the Civic Center.   Approved 8-1.

Trustee Wantage:  There is a new Grant available through the US Army Corps.  It is a Flood Damage Reduction Project.  Kimley-Horn would like to pursue this grant. There is no upfront cost to LAMSBD and it is a shared construction cost.  More information is needed and Trustees should submit their questions to Trustee Wantage by Thursday Dec. 8, 2022. Answers to be available at the Special Meeting on December 14, 2022.  Trustee Wantage to supply Grant information to Trustees via email.

Trustee Pence: Has obtained three (3) proposals for water quality improvement on the North Lake.  Jim Schwartz of Florida Water Ways, Inc. presented his views of the process needed in regard to the North Lake.  This would include a comprehensive study of vegetation and water quality.

Other companies were Aquagenix Environmental Consultant and SOLitude Lake Management.  All agree that spraying should happen March through May.

A new permit is needed to stock Grass Carp.  However, improvements MUST be made to prevent carp from migrating into Black Creek.  Motion by Pence and second by Weisenburger to the installation of barriers, by Tim Ley, on the North Lake.  Approved 9-0.

Trustee Lahey has received a price for the current sound system and asked the Board for permission to purchase the system.   Motion by Lahey and second by Forhan to purchase the system for a price not to exceed $3,800.00.          Approved 7-2.

Trustee Lahey advised that the Mowing Contract has expired.  A new contract needs to include insurance by the Vendor.  It was suggested that the Vendor supply the new contract at the current price and that insurance requirements are to be included.  Motion by Lahey and second by Forhan to continue on a month to  month basis until a new contract can be drafted.    Approved 9-0.

Unfinished Business:

Vice Chairman Forhan will send information on Dam Operations Protocol and Purchasing Policy for review by all Trustees prior to the next regularly scheduled meeting. 


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:13pm by Forhan and second by Pence.  Approved 9-0.

Prepared by: Shirley Phillips, District Secretary

Minutes Approved  9-0  January 9, 2023