Lake Asbury Municipal Services Benefit District

Special Meeting Minutes December 14, 2022


Call to order at 6:33 by Chairman Davis

Roll Call - Trustees present were: Chairman Davis, Vice Chairman Forhan, Lahey, Weisenburger, Wantage, Clemons, Poidevant, Scally and Pence ( attending via Phone call).  Staff present were District Attorney Wahl and District Secretary Phillips.

This meeting was called to clarify several items of concern in Amendment for Phase1B, the Hanson contract. Each Trustee was asked submit questions for the Hanson Representative, Brian Wozniak’s, response.  Any additional questions created by this evenings discussion will also be answered.  Mr. Wozniak joined the meeting via Phone call. 

Trustee Lahey would like to see an all inclusive statement for Phase 1A and 1B. 

Trustee Forhan was concerned about additional cost if a third meeting is needed.  He feels that no additional cost should be incurred.  Mr. Wozniak stated the wording can be changed to reflect that.  A cost schedule was requested for the types of meetings to determine what type of meeting the Boards needs.

Trustee Weisenburger suggested a “Time Line” on getting designs, etc. be developed to use as a “roadmap,” to be posted to the website, for the community to follow.

Motion by Lahey and second by Clemons to accept phase 1B.  Approved 8 – 1.

Regarding Grants, Trustee Wantage reminded the assembly that a grant does not have to be accepted when offered.  With the US Army Corps of Engineers, the first $100,000.00 does not require matching funds.  This grant is “open” and necessary information to apply should be available at Phase 2.  Submittal Review Call is the application. Kimley-Horn will do the due diligence for this grant.

Currently, an appointment is being planned with Representative Bean to obtain  Federal appropriation for funding.

Motion by Wantage and second by Scally to proceed with the USACE grant application through Kimley-Horn.  Approved 9-0.


Public Request for Information:

Motion by Forhan and second by Weisenburger, Moving forward, All proposed Hanson Contracts will be posted on the website as soon as possible.        Approved 8-1.

Notify all Trustees of all Public Request for Information or Questions.  This will allow the Board to identify potential problem areas and provide time to determine a solution.  Each request needs to be acknowledged at receipt and the answer sought. 

Motion by Davis and second by Forhan, Ask District Attorney Wahl to draft guidelines or a proposal for Public Request Policy to present in January.  Approved  9-0.

Motion to adjourn at 8:51, by Davis and second by Forhan   Approved 9-0.  

Prepared by Shirley Phillips, District Secretary

Minutes Approved 9-0   January 9, 2023